Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Club formed

This club was formed yesterday. So far we have 9 members.

Simon Hui

TM Chan

Yee Ling

Ho Shiaw Hooi

Jason Chan

Chiang Yoong Fei


Khoo Martin

Doc Liew


fibrate said...

Majority from my batch ;)

jason said...

cytusm, this is one of yours too?!
really put in lots of efforts wor. *thumbs up*
lets recruit more ppl! invited all my friends in facebook liau.. lets wait and see..
but admin officer, let do something la,, otherwise it will soon dies off..

jason said...

oops, just realised its boon sing blog! *2 thumbs up*

Ex-USMCK said...

This website started by cytusm and me. Hope cytusm can do more as he is having 24-hours internet connection...but not me...
Hope any members who wish to post something, may contact us.