Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Barisan Nasional's Election Manifesto

􀂄 Raise the nation’s productivity, income and competitiveness levels
􀂄 Cushion the effects of rising prices and ensure quality living standards for the people
􀂄 Strengthen private sector’s role as the main driver of economic growth
􀂄 Nurture and assist 1 million SMEs and entrepreneurs over 5 years
􀂄 Generate at least 2 million quality job opportunities over 5 years
􀂄 Reduce the Budget deficit further –more funds for development, without increasing taxes
􀂄 Follow through on 5 Development Corridors to bring equitable growth, investment and job opportunities to all parts of Malaysia
􀂄 Eradicate hardcore poverty and bring the overall poverty rate down to 2.8% by 2010
􀂄 Increase quality rural jobs and incomes
􀂄 Improve services and facilities for low-income urban households including rural to urban migrants
􀂄 Improve provision of quality and affordable housing
􀂄 Ensure access to modern quality healthcare
􀂄 Upgrade urban public transport and reduce traffic congestion
􀂄 Enhance road development in rural and other less developed areas
􀂄 Upgrade rail and aviation infrastructure
􀂄 Improve rural electricity coverage in Sabah to 81% and Sarawak to 90% by 2010
􀂄 Improve water supply coverage to 70% in both Sabah and Sarawak by 2010
􀂄 Continue to close the digital divide and improve broadband internet penetration via the National Broadband Plan
􀂄 Continue to implement the New Villages Development Masterplan
􀂄 Equitable distribution of quality opportunities in income generation, employment, business and education to all parts of Malaysia. Towards this end, the ‘Kelantan Baru, Kelantan Maju’
initiative will deliver development and better quality of life to people in the state
􀂄 Raise teachers’ minimum qualifications and provide more training opportunities
􀂄 Continue to make national schools the school of choice by, among others, expanding the teaching of Mandarin and Tamil
􀂄 Safeguard the position of national-type schools
􀂄 Enhance national unity by fostering student interaction
􀂄 Provide more scholarships at the undergraduate level for poor but deserving students
regardless of race
􀂄 Identify apex universities and provide more autonomy and resources for public institutions of higher learning to attain world-class standards
􀂄 Raise investment in science and technology particularly in indigenous R&D
􀂄 Bring down the country’s crime index
􀂄 Tackle drug abuse and other social ills
􀂄 Address the issue of illegal immigrants
􀂄 Add 60,000 Police personnel by 2011
􀂄 Set up more than 150 new Police stations and beat bases to increase presence in more neighbourhoods
􀂄 Improve safety in schools, playgrounds and public areas
􀂄 Enhance community policing via partnerships with non-governmental organisations, the
private sector and local community
􀂄 Upgrade Police communications technology, armaments, vehicles, technical aids and training
􀂄 Focus Police operations and resources in crime hot-spots across the country
􀂄 Redelineate Police districts to better match Police resources with community security needs

􀂄 Speed up implementation of e-government initiatives
􀂄 Complete overhaul of all land offices and district offices
􀂄 Speed up issuance of licences and permits
􀂄 Establish rating system for local authorities to improve performance
􀂄 Tie civil servants' promotions, rewards and penalties more closely to performance targets
􀂄 Increase ethnic diversity in the public sector
􀂄 Have a 3 to 7-day response time by all government agencies to all public queries and complaints

􀂄 Continue to enforce anti-corruption measures without fear or favour
􀂄 Strengthen monitoring and enforcement by agencies such as the ACA, Customs, Inland Revenue and local authorities
􀂄 Establish an effective Special Complaints Commission to act on complaints of misconduct in enforcement agencies
􀂄 Continue to foster a culture of integrity and high ethical standards through the National Integrity Plan

􀂄 Build a better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims through Islam Hadhari
􀂄 Enhance appreciation for diverse cultures among Malaysia’s multiethnic people
􀂄 Expand the teaching of J-QAF to more schools
􀂄 Ensure provision of reserve land for places of worship in newly developed areas in accordance with developed guidelines
􀂄 Facilitate construction, consolidation and relocation of all places of worship via state government mechanism, co-ordinated at federal level, that will protect the interests of all communities
􀂄 Increase dialogue on inter-faith issues through the Department of National Unity and National Integration
􀂄 Improve unity programmes, especially in schools and institutions of higher learning
􀂄 Continue to play an active, principled and impartial role in international affairs
􀂄 Expand trade and investment linkages
􀂄 Advance the economic agenda of the OIC through capacity-building programmes in less developed OIC countries
􀂄 Promote strategic partnerships between the West and the Muslim world to advance the economic agenda of the Makkah Declaration 2005
􀂄 Continue to build bridges between the Muslim world and the West through continuous dialogue
􀂄 Contribute towards a development agenda for the world’s poorest countries

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